Our generation will never see fir forests in these areas again.

And there is a chance our generation will never see much of any sort of forest in that area either. It’s been a month since the greatest environmental catastrophe Hellas has ever witnessed and the hellenic media as well as people — at least most of them — have seemingly moved on. Given the country’s past record on protecting its forests as well as their regrowth in burnt areas I wouldn’t be surprised if only 5-10% of the areas affected by last August’s fires were reforested by 2030. Yet, according to this BBC report, not everyone has moved on with their petty lives. Like everyone else, WWF is expressing its concerns regarding reforestation and the ecosystem in the area. Unlike most, it seems to be prepared to fund legal campaigns against this.

But the WWF insists that humans and nature can co-exist as long as there is sensible and sensitive sustainable development.

Sensible, sensitive and sustainable development could possibly be a reality, had our memory and interest been somewhat more substantial.

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