So long.

The quintessential photo from this summer’s trip to Kythira (clickety click on the image for a ‘moderately’ higher resolution image) and a pretty good time to take a break.

Kythira Panorama (from Agia Moni)

Creative Commons License

3 Responses to “So long.”

  1. Kostis says:

    Very pretty. I miss the islands. SF’s July was full of fog.

  2. cosmix says:

    Thanks man. Pity you weren’t here. Maybe next year we’ll plan something.

  3. lilsis says:

    ain’t nothing like the aegean she sighs, wearing long sleeves & a leather jacket…. so long, bro… don’t know what i’ll do w/out u online 24/7… where do cal techies hang out?? ;)

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