On Remote Working

My interest in remote working dates from the early 2000s, when I got my first broadband connection at home, or rather at what was my “home“ at the time, Imperial College London’s postgraduate accommodation at Clayponds Village located next to Gunnersbury Park in west London. Clayponds was a very interesting place, with a great atmosphere and facilities. The tenants there were mostly Masters and Ph.D students. Before my time there, people used to get open-ended leases, that is they could stay for as long as they needed to. This wasn’t the case with most other Imperial halls of residence at the time and it stopped being the case when I moved my few belongings to Clayponds in September 2000. For a cash-strapped student from Greece like me, getting a comfortably large room (~20m2) with a view to a leafy park (that doubled as a very old cemetary), for 30% less than you’d need to pay for a much smaller room in a flat with strangers, Clayponds was a great deal. I made some good friends while I stayed there — the last two years of my M.Eng and the first year of my Ph.D.



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