A Tennis Thriller.

Forget the boring, mediocre, football World Cup final later tonight.

A thriller is taking place at Wimbledon where two of — what seems to be — the dominant male players of the next 5-10 years are competing again, just a month after Roland Garros in France.

I’m referring to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer who meet again after one month when Nadal won his second Garros, beating the World Champion. Yet this time the roles are reversed: Rafael Nadal is not really known for his capability in grass, while Roger Federer is, having won Wimbledon three times already at the age of 24. The game is gripping. After a first 6-0 set in favour of Federer, all games have been neck-to-neck, an amazing performance on the part of Nadal who has already impressed with his appearance in Wimbledon this year. The odds are in favour of Federer, not just because of his impeccable record on grass, but also because he’s already won 2 sets. Fascinating!

Unfortunately the game is not on Hellenic TV so I’m stuck with a BBC Five Live stream.

[Update: Nadal was defeated and Federer went on to get his fourth Wimbledon title. Yet, it’s clear that Nadal has improved so much on grass that it’s more or less certain that he’ll be back for more in the future; he’s only 20 after all]

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