This site serves as a personal publishing vehicle and, as such, hosts a multitude of articles on a range of topics I’m interested in (see the topics on the header). No part of any article is sponsored. Every conceivable effort is being made to present an objective account of the topics discussed in this weblog. However, as this is the product of the intellectual labour of a human being, it could not ever be objective or perfectly accurate.
The site is largely bilingual, with articles written in English and Ελληνικά (Hellenic) — with the addition of some small parts in Français. It also used to host Spinalonga Records, a not-for-profit effort to promote Hellenic Rock bands.

For the few that wonder about this, the site or its owner have nothing to do with the keshi figures of the 80s of the same name or anyone else — company or individual — using the name.

Who is cosmix anyway?

I was born in Athens, Hellas (you probably know it as Greece), in 1980, where I also grew up and went to school, before moving to the UK to study at Imperial College London, a small educational institution in London’s French Quarter. After graduating with a M.Eng in Information Systems Engineering, some sort of joint EE/CS degree with a ‘management’ twist, I stayed on, working on a Ph.D in Distributed Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically in self-organising (highly autonomous) artificial societies of software agents — that was good work that I never properly finished. I have a lifelong passion for technology, and more specifically for computers, arguably the most promising, polymorphic, evolving and open-ended device created by mankind. I’ve also had an obsession with music since my early childhood, for a while contemplating a career as a classical guitarist.

Nowadays, I spend most of my free time with my young family, although I’ve been known to take many photos, reading, watching movies, listening to and — occasionally — playing music, travelling, and running medium to long distances (not necessarily in this order). Finally I have a keen interest in history, (the few meaningful) aspects of philosophy, typography and design.

For a year starting in June 2019 I led engineering at Netdata. This is a company built around a very popular open source real-time monitoring agent for *NIX systems (and an accompanying cloud monitoring SaaS solution.) — Netdata was a very interesting experience, not just because of the technical and product challenges involved, but also because it is a fully remote company.

Between August 2016 and May 2019 I led Engineering at Beat, a challenger in the ride-hailing industry (think Uber competitor) that’s mostly active in Latin America and is owned by FREE NOW, a joint venture between Daimler and BMW. At Beat I grew the organization from about 10 engineers to more than 140, learning a lot about team organization, management, building for scale and analytics/machine learning in the process.

Before that, I spent a decade running my company, Cosmical Technology in Athens. At Cosmical I provided consulting and software development services for a few years, until my colleagues and I started working full-time on AthensBook, ThessBook, two smart guides for Greece’s largest cities and GEO|ADS, one of the early advertising platforms for mobile devices. Despite the difficulties we faced running a high-tech business like this in a country like Greece — and at the onset of probably the largest crisis this country ever faced — the ride was thrilling, demanding and fulfilling. They are products that rode on the smartphone and mobile computing revolution and a reminder that we live in an enthusing time that brings back memories of my childhood and those of another revolution, that of personal computing, about thirty or so years earlier.

I occasionally speak and write publicly about technology, entrepreneurship and policy (esp. privacy issues and the diffusion of technology in society).

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