A short story.

In mid 2020 I took a break from work. I was burnt out and exhausted, both physically and mentally, and —in the midst of Covid 19—I wanted a short break before starting on my new role as CTO of a Blockchain network analytics company. During those couple of months in the Summer of 2020, I […]

The Mac at Forty

Even in the darkest times (for Apple), in the mid to late 1990s, the importance of the Macintosh could not be understated. Today, exactly 40 years to the day, Apple is constantly contending for the top spot in market cap globally, the Mac is far from Apple’s most profitable product, but it’s arguably, still, one […]

The Coding Robot

Back in 2019, after deciding to leave Beat, I was contemplating starting a new project. It was an ML-based project, informed by my experience at both smaller and larger companies, like Beat: An ML-based Code Reviewer. The idea was that smaller companies, founders aside, seldom have senior engineering talent on board, and the quality of […]

Starlink and Natural Monopolies

A couple of weeks ago Elon Musk tweeted (or Xed, or whatever it’s called today) that Starlink has broken even and congratulated its team. The company has been offering fast satellite internet access through its own Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of more than 5000 satellites. As part of SpaceX, it’s the first company of […]

The impending first era of AI

There’s an article in WSJ about the imminent ‘AI Boom’ and how a couple of companies, the ones that have already been both enabling and controlling our existence, to a large extent, are bound to become even more powerful. It’s interesting to ‘see’ the interplay if you’ve been working in computing technology for the past […]

The ‘West’ is losing. How could it not?

I’m pretty sure that February 24th, 2022 is going to be found in the history books of the future; if those books ever get written and we don’t end up witnessing how a nuclear winter really looks like. The predictability of a Europe, and later United States-dominated world, where the ‘West’ ruled and enjoyed unprecedented […]