The Corporation (2003)

The Corporation is a 2003 Canadian documentary on the importance of the business corporation in modern society. While it had a very limited theatrical release in Europe it was acclaimed for its rational, well-thought out presentation and the important concerns it raises with regards to the nature and power of corporations in our days. The film is based on Joel Bakan’s synonymous book. While the book is well-written and concise (although no match for Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’), the expressive power of the film far exceeds that of the book and is complemented by interviews and on-the-field footage that makes the message crystal clear. I watched the film in autumn 2004 and I found it to be a rational, convincing portrayal of the effects of megacorporate power. In November 2006 the producer of the film, Mark Achbar, released it for free via BitTorrent, although he’d appreciate a donation. You can also buy it on DVD. It’s definitely worth seeing.

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  1. Azrai says:

    Νομίζω το έπαιξε ο πως-τον-λενε γνωστός γνωστού σου τις προάλλες στην Ετ1. Ήταν αρκετά ενδιαφέρον όσο είδα.


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