Well, here we go (again)

After about a year offline, we’re back. This time I’m planning on having some posts in Hellenic too, whenever that makes sense.
Last time I took cosmix.org down, it was mostly due to the lack of time to maintain it, and the feeling that — the only thing that did happen, blogging — was not really worth it. Since then, there have been countless occasions when I had stuff that could be published somewhere and had to resort to comments on other people’s blogs. So, I’ve decided to reinstate my blog, although this time I’ll try to resist posting the usual junk that is associated with frequent posting-for-the-sake-of-posting. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the blog entries from the previous blogs (2001-2004) are gone.
By the way, how come {track,ping}backs are not used by the hellenic blog community? At all. Or almost at all.
Pyxis, a free NMEA GPS client for the Mac is functioning and I just need to iron out some bugs before I post a preview on this site, sometime in early 2006.
Also, check out Spinalonga Records, if you haven’t yet. Even though the genres of music they promote are not really my cup of tea, I am honoured to have been supporting them and I wholeheartedly agree with their non-for-profit support of an otherwise neglected genre by the music industry.
That’s all for now. You can now open that champagne we were talking about! 🙂