Junkyard downloads

‘In the Junkyard Volume 1’ was met with considerable success when it was released in Compact Disc form in early 2005. The CD was sold out quickly. It took a while until we were sure that distribution over the net was possible and economically feasible. Today we started releasing tracks from ‘In the Junkyard Volume 1’ online.

We are using the, increasingly common, AAC format used by Apple on the iTunes Music Store and rapidly becoming the de facto successor to MP3. The first track, ‘Get it’, is from Liquidust. We will be offering tracks from ‘Junkyard 1’ one by one, so make sure you check the page every forthnight or so for the new track.

How to play AAC files

Unprotected AAC files typically have the extension .m4a. Various free software players support AAC, both proprietary and open source. For Windows, there’s Apple’s popular iTunes program, the open source Videolan Client (VLC), the once ubiquitous Winamp to mention a few.
The Mac has built-in support for AAC and you can use either the built-in Quicktime player or iTunes to play these files. VLC is also available for Mac OS X.
Linux user can use any media player that uses libfaac. Widely used ones are Mplayer, VLC, Xine and others, but then again if you use linux you probably know how to play AAC files.
Visit http://www.spinalonga.net to get the track.