Punk Goes 80s and snowy Athens.

I just stumbled across this record, Punk Goes 80s. As an 80s kid I’ve got an inexplicable affection for 80s music/{sub-}culture, despite the kitsch-factor occasionally found therein. It’s not actually liking 80s music, as older people often do, definitely not disliking it, as younger people often do, it’s a strange feeling. There’s something charming about aspects the 80s that I cannot pinpoint, some sort of nostalgia that you feel when watching Donnie Darko or — even more surprisingly — Real Genius. I also happen to enjoy some aspects of rock/progressive/metal music quite a lot.
So you can imagine how happy I was when I found Punk Goes 80s. It is essentially a compilation of 80s songs, performed in a punk/prog/alternative/rock style by modern bands. Listening to ‘Everyone wants to rule the world’ (Tears for Fears) or ‘Straight up’ (Paul Abdul) in their punk/alt renditions was quite funny. You can find their purevolume.com site here. They’ve got a medley there. You can also visit their myspace.com site here.
If you also find the above somehow, inexplicably interesting, check it out.
Athens is white. It’s been snowing here for two days in a row, a rare occasion indeed.