Supporting the Commons and Wikipedia.

As is the case for some time now this time of year, the Creative Commons and Wikipedia are asking for your support (== money) to keep doing what they are doing. I find that — at least — Wikipedia is doing a great job and is a highly valuable community service worth supporting.
Creative Commons, very popular in online communities such as Flickr and the Anglosaxon blogosphere, has managed to secure close to $190K at the time of writing; they are aiming for $300K by year’s end. Wikipedia was at about $35K although I think it started its campaign much later. Following Panayotis’ lead I’m posting this video from Creative Commons that explains what the licences are and what the advantages are over good old Copyright. Worth seeing if you’re curious about what that CC you keep seeing on many sites means.
If you feel that free not-for-profit community services such as Wikipedia and Creative Commons are not things you’d like to see disappear (or, in the case of Wikipedia, replaced by commercial, ad-cluttered alternatives, where I dare say fewer people would contribute) consider donating. It’s easy, fast and if you’re in the U.S. tax-deductible.