I dare anybody to [hack into] once a month on the Windows machine.

Absolute BullErrr, right. Despite his — numerous — amazingly bad evaluations (e.g. the importance of the ‘net in the mid-1990s), his volatile opinions on important matters (e.g. patents), lack of ethics and piss-poor software, Bill Gates has time and again proven to be an important thinker when it comes to technology and its importance in society. It’s a shame to see he’s lost it. In this latest interview in Newsweek it’s actually surprising to see how he can be so off-base. While there’s no doubt that Apple is king in catchy marketing and shameless exaggeration of its value and its products’ {importance, features} in its marketing campaigns, Microsoft is no spring chicken either (‘Get the Facts’ campaign anyone?). Its funny how Gates tries to engage in the pompous reality skewing and typical polemic that his once-ideologically-charged-turned-loser-turned-mighty-tech-salesman rival, the mercurial Steve Jobs, is famous for. Unfortunately for him Gates lacks the ‘Charisma +834’ rating that Jobs seems to possess. 🙂