Just back from a trip to Kythira, my usual destination whenever I get the chance to get some time off. Here’s a picture I took that I find more or less representative of the state of nature on the island during Spring — it’s every bit as beautiful as this HDR photo alludes. Kythira was forested to a very large extent in the 1950s and despite several ‘wildfires’ since then it still boasts a very impressive natural scenery — especially considering its size and location (typically Hellenic islands are barren, dry and very rocky).
Sadly, and even though Spring is by far the most beautiful season in Hellas, the weather these past few days was not that great. The pic was taken during a very short sunny spell on Tuesday afternoon which was soon followed by a massive group of dark, ominous and fast-moving clouds; as you can probably imagine: it was quite windy.
For more of my pictures of Kythira check this page. Click on the image for a larger version.
Mitata Valley, Kythira, Hellas