Lanterna – Elm Street

Lanterna - Elm Street CoverThis past weekend, during coding, I opened and clicked on ‘My Recommendations’ and a short while later ‘B Minor’ from the 2001 album ‘Elm Street’ by Lanterna started playing from my speakers.
The track is captivating, its ambience, smooth and flowing — so different to many ‘guitar-based’ tracks out there, while at the same time more interesting sonically from the ‘electronic’ equivalents. It took little time after this before I visited 7Digital and bought the album in mp3 format.
The album, twelve instrumental pop-rock tracks featuring acoustic and — in general — clean electric guitars, strings and pads as well as playful basslines and up-beat drums is perfect material for those times when music needs to be subtle, yet more than just sonic wallpaper.
The music is hard to pinpoint, somewhere betweeen post-rock and shoegaze with a strong element of pop making it easy on the ears, yet at the same time more than your archetypal commercial variety.
The ‘band’ released a few more albums, since Elm Street came out. I’ll certainly be looking for them in the near future.