IBM to open 500 of their patents to the public.

IBM may not be any different to any other corporation --- ironically it used to be the ‘bad guy’ 20 years ago --- they announced that they will be opening 500 of their patents to the open source community, ensuring that open source developers will be free to use their technologies without paying any royalties.

Creative considering support for Linux.

About a month ago I wrote to Creative Labs, whose products I’ve been using for more than a decade regarding their arguable support for OSS and more specifically linux. Their response to my comments, although lukewarm, assured me that Creative is serious about supporting OSS, and is contemplating ways in which is can step up […]

A critique on modern GUI design.

Don Norman, a usability design specialist, writes about how the GUI has become a very complex part of modern programs and argues that the general-purpose computer is now inappropriate, as the GUI paradigm as we know it is incapable of efficiently encapsulating all the information we require for our daily work. I disagree. I believe […]

The Imperial Institute

Once upon a time, in the place of the ‘South Kensington Campus of Imperial College London’ stood an architectural masterpiece known as ‘The Imperial Institute’. A small, yet quite revealing, sample of that work still remains in the form of the 85 metre Queen’s Tower, rising high above the ‘backyard’ of Imperial College, currently a […]

Safari: An example of what Apple should focus on

I have been following Dave Hyatt’s work (and blog) for a few years now and I have to admit that I am very happy to see people like him and Dominic Giampaolo and Avie Tevanian work for Apple. One of the my long-time grudges with Apple strategy is that there seems to be none. Despite […]