A critique on modern GUI design.

Don Norman, a usability design specialist, writes about how the GUI has become a very complex part of modern programs and argues that the general-purpose computer is now inappropriate, as the GUI paradigm as we know it is incapable of efficiently encapsulating all the information we require for our daily work. I disagree. I believe […]

The Imperial Institute

Once upon a time, in the place of the ‘South Kensington Campus of Imperial College London’ stood an architectural masterpiece known as ‘The Imperial Institute’. A small, yet quite revealing, sample of that work still remains in the form of the 85 metre Queen’s Tower, rising high above the ‘backyard’ of Imperial College, currently a […]

Safari: An example of what Apple should focus on

I have been following Dave Hyatt’s work (and blog) for a few years now and I have to admit that I am very happy to see people like him and Dominic Giampaolo and Avie Tevanian work for Apple. One of the my long-time grudges with Apple strategy is that there seems to be none. Despite […]

Galileo Global Positioning threatened by the US Military?

I just read this article in The Register regarding the potential effect/degradation of the Galileo Global Positioning System by the US Military; apparently they are not that happy about its 1m resolution that is to be publicly available. I sincerely hope that no such demands are accepted by the EU. Galileo is a fantastic project and it's utility to Europeans and everyone else is paramount, both in civilian and military contexts. Unfortunately, I can see how the US military is concerned about this and how they will use their military and political muscle/influence to 'convince' the EU that Galileo should be degraded to a toy-GPS.

ADSL in Greece revisited once again.

I was just about ready to go to bed when I read this transcript from a session in the Greek Parliament regarding ADSL. (it is in Greek). I thought it is time to revisit the subject. I’ve got ADSL in Greece since this summer when it was announced. I can safely say that for as […]