Back to the future.

I'm lost for words. This is unbelievably cool: recreating the same photographs, with the same people, twenty+ years later. Check it out.

My Ten Years With Mac OS X.

Ten years ago, on March 24th, 2001, Mac OS X came out. A first, publicly available, one point oh unpolished version of Apple’s ‘next’ (pun intended) operating system. An operating system that Apple had been trying, in one way or another, to create for more than ten years. Remember Pink? Taligent? Copland? Gershwin? Mythical codenames […]

Projection Mapping!

Last year was arguably the year that made Projection Mapping known to the ‘masses’. Ok, not the masses, but quite a lot of people. This is a technique whereby projectors are positioned in front of existing physical objects whose 3d form has been mapped in software, allowing the projected ‘video’ (graphics) sequences to make use […]

That Jetson's-style robot…

Nope, this post is not about robots or cartoons, but about the absurdity of dealing with a tel-co in the States (it's the same if not worse here). Few things are more universal than corporate idiocy and incompetence of the highest level, it seems and Steven's writing is hilarious. =)

Inside Job (2010)

The Inside Job is a documentary like few of its contemporaries: mainstream and accessible enough to win an Academy Award, yet sharp, piercing and well-researched enough to actually convince even the most sceptical among the viewers. This is a film narrated by an A-list hollywood star, Matt Damon, that dares to shred the current global […]

Palm's Comeback

Jon Rubinstein is no stranger to success. He was the engineer that architected the iPod, Apple’s single most successful product for years, until the iPhone was released in 2007. After more than fifteen years working with Steve Jobs, Jon Rubinstein left Apple in 2006. Around ten years earlier he had returned to the company with […]